Mission & Philosophy


Sound Research. Independent Ideas. Compounding Returns.

 Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is influenced by “value and growth approach”, a blend best described as GARP (Growth at Reasonable Price). We AIM to buy listed securities at a discount (margin of safety) to the intrinsic value derived by us which acts as the guiding post for our buying and selling decisions.

We achieve this with a fundamental, bottom-up approach to investing and we use our domain knowledge of listed Indian stocks to deliver superior long term alpha returns.

We like to own businesses that we understand, at a fair price with the intention of holding them till they reach their true potential. While doing so, we give high impetus to the quality of management and the long term growth potential of the company.

Business Philosophy

AIM strives to grow its business with the same values and integrity which it uses while identifying its exclusive ideas.

For our clients, we primarily exist to add value to their investments and create sustainable wealth for them. While investing on behalf of our clients, we strive to keep them interested, engaged and informed.