• We have an evidence-based investment philosophy which enables us to invest with conviction.
  • Our long-term approach enables us to exercise active ownership, maintain focus and deliver superior outcomes.
  • We prefer to be excellent at a few things rather than average at many.


  • We cherish our INDEPENDENCE and are not affiliated to any broker, corporate or business.
  • We are a flexible organization operating with short communication channels. This enables us to make quick adjustments and think ‘outside the box’.
  • We RESEARCH each company on its merit and investigate further if we see value (unlike traditional research that has a Buy, Hold, Neutral or Sell ratings).


  • We believe in transparency for all clients at all times
  • We provide clients with information at the level of detail and frequency that they want. This includes full portfolio and attribution reports
  • We are what we say we are, the same goes for our products
  • We stand for transparency in processes, investment strategies, reporting and cost structure

Client Focussed

  • Our loyal clients testify to the fact that we are strongly client oriented.
  • We offer pure reliable building blocks to enable our clients to benefit from the power of COMPOUNDING.
  • We offer flexible, transparent advisory solutions that suit the individual client.