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Who we are

Aréte Investment Managers (AIM) is an equity advisory and Portfolio management company which seeks to combine the tenets of both growth and value investing in order to harvest the power of compounding.

What we do

We identify companies, with a competitive advantage, very early in their business cycles with our strategic insight and own them till they reach their Aréte phase viz. highest potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple – to spread the power of compounding to our clients by adhering to our philosophy and to make sure our clients’ money outlasts them.

Mission & Philosophy


Sound Research. Independent Ideas. Compounding Returns.

 Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is influenced by “value and growth approach”, a blend best described as GARP (Growth at Reasonable Price). We AIM to buy listed securities at a discount (margin of safety) to the intrinsic value derived by us which acts as the guiding post for our buying and selling decisions…Read More

Business Philosophy

AIM strives to grow its business with the same values and integrity which it uses while identifying its exclusive ideas.

For our clients, we primarily exist to add value to their investments and create sustainable wealth for them. While investing on behalf of our clients, we strive to keep them interested, engaged and informed.



Sumit Modi


Research & Investments

Sumit is responsible for the firm’s overall investment strategy, research, stock selection and managing client portfolios…Read More


Bhavik Mehta


Research & Investments

Bhavik’s primary responsibilities include conducting detailed research to uncover new alpha ideas and building qualitative stock selection models…Read More


Piyush Mehta


Client Solutions

Piyush is responsible for managing AIM’s business development, client solutions and the overall marketing of the group which includes research, communication and customer engagement…Read More



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